Frequently Asked Questions

Update: the corona virus is turning our world upside down in an unprecedented way. Needless to say, we have taken strong measures to minimize the risks for our employees and customers. The processing of online shop orders remains unchanged: orders placed before 5 pm will be shipped the same day.

We have collected some frequently asked questions about our measures regarding the coronavirus. Click here to view them.

1. Order & Delivery

To which countries do you ship?

Are there any shipping costs?

How long does the delivery of my order take?

What are discount codes and how do I get one?

How can I place an order?

Can I order a giftcard?

2.Returns and Exchanges

Will I be charged for returning items?

How can I return an item?

Can I also return my order at one of the Floris van Bommel brand stores?

Can I exchange an item?

How long does it take until I receive my refund?

3. Payment methods

Which payment methods does Floris van Bommel offer?

4. Warranty Claims and complaints

What if I have a complaint about a product I purchased from the online shop?

Where do I make a complaint about an item that I purchased in a brand store?

Where do I make a complaint about an item that I purchased at a retailer?

Where do I go for a repair?

5. Sizing

How do I determine my UK-size?

What is the width of a Floris van Bommel shoe?

How do I know what my belt size is?

My belt is too long. Can I have it shortened?