Summer 2022

Katja X Floris

The Katja Schuurman X Floris summercollection

Katja and Floris organised a meeting on Zanzibar and all their shoe babies could come along. Check out the beach photos of Katja's sneakers, sandals and boots below.

The high-top sneaker

This high-top sneaker with basketball influences is made of four different colours of suede and four different colours of smooth leather. Summery earth tones are prominent, finished with small pink and yellow accents giving the sneaker a modern look.

The gold-coloured heart on the back of the heel and as a charm on the lace are both adorned with a striking 'K', making the shoe a true Katja piece.


The high boot

Made of bronze-coloured leather, with a golden zip and a golden heart-shaped stud with an embossed ‘K’ on it. The toe cap is finished with a V-shaped cut and a brown leather backing.


Light & airy sandals

Colourful straps – one of which is obviously gold – gold studs on the insole and gold-coloured buckles. The multicoloured rope around the sole gives the sandal a nice and nonchalant look.


The shoot

Floris: "I flew with Katja to Zanzibar to try these summer shoes at a suitable location. The stylist who was supposed to join us for the photo shoot had to cancel at the last minute due to a Covid infection. Of course, there was a plan in terms of styling, but the final decisions are always made on site. And so it happened that Katja put on a pair of sneakers to go with a mega theatrical blue gala dress (she didn't mind me saying that I thought she looked like the big blue bird Pino from the Muppets though...). In the photo you can see me looking a bit bewildered. But, to be fair, Katja rocks those sneakers!”