Autodrop & Floris van Bommel

In early spring 2019 candy lovers will find sneaker-shaped Floris van Bommel wine gums among their favourite Red Cadillacs by Autodrop. You will get your small box of pink Cadillacs mixed with pink sneakers in supermarkets, at gas stations and drug stores in the Netherlands.

Floris: “My dog has already chewed so many of my shoes to pieces. This gave me an idea… It took a little bit of organising, but now I can finally chew on one of our pair of shoes too.”

Although you can’t buy the actual ‘Floris van Bommel & Autodrop’ sneakers in any shop, you will be able to win them through the Autodrop promotion and at our dealerships. Visit one of our dealers to find out more about our terms and conditions!

Floris: “Haha... who would have thought that my next trip would turn out to be so sweet! At the Autodrop candy factory, I got to try and taste all their flavours until we came up with a new fruity taste for our blue candy sneakers. In the end, I went for… pineapple! I immediately had a crazy flashback taking me right back to the little candy shop from my youth. Pineapple isn’t exactly the flavour you think of when you see blue, but then again, only Gargamel really knows what something blue is supposed to taste like.”

You can grab a sample bag with our blue soft candy at our dealerships.

Floris: “The blue soft candy turned out sooo yummy… it’s as if a Smurf peed right over your tongue! If you want to try them too, grab your sample bag at one of our retailers.”


We’ve hidden a rubber sneaker in the shape and colour of the “Floris van Bommel & Autodrop” sneakers in 100 boxes of Pink Cadillacs. If you’re lucky enough to find one of them, you’re the winner of a real pair of sneakers! Actually found one? Then go to the Autodrop website and claim your pair of limited edition Autodrop sneakers. The other way to win a pair is to take part in the lottery” at our dealers. Visit one of our dealers to find out more about our terms and conditions!

Floris: “We decided that the wearable version of the sneaker should better not be pink. Chances are that you confuse the candy with the real shoe and we didn’t want to risk that you end up choking on the wrong one.”


In addition to the limited edition Autodrop Sneaker that you can only win, we also designed a wearable version based on the candy shoes. This shoe model is part of our spring and summer collection.

This sneaker is available at all our known dealers.