Fall Winter 2022: Norway

We are going to take a closer look at the fjords of Norway. We realised from previous trips that hikes take us to the best locations, so we have 2 hikes planned. During the first hike, it is -20 degrees and freezing cold. It is a challenging hike, including ropes along slopes that you must use to climb and descend. On top of a windy mountain, behind a rock, I change my clothes and have to stand in the wind for the photo. We can work for a maximum of two minutes. After that, we just have to stop. Everything freezes in those two minutes. Elmar, the photographer, is wearing his thermal suit, but he has to press the button on his camera. And he can't do that with gloves. Very quickly, he can't feel his fingers anymore. To press the button, he first has to locate it and then put his frozen finger on it with his other hand.

One day later, we go to a sled dog farm. It is a freezing -20 degrees again. The scenery is beautiful, the sunlight perfect and the frozen digger on the grounds is simply perfect for a photo shoot. It is one of those situations and moments that you can never plan in advance. The photo of the excavator ends up being our campaign photo. With the dogs, we only shoot a few videos. I stand alone on a sled with about 8 dogs pulling me and Niels films us from the sled in front of us.

The second hike was one of those experiences you definitely don't want to go through again. We started early in the morning when it was still dark and walked up a mountain for 9 hours, full polar expedition-style. The only thoughts that went through my head for the first two hours were 'insane' and 'why?’ Just before we reached the highest point of the mountain, our guide took a 'technical break'. We had to fasten snowshoes under our shoes. A few metres from where we stopped, the wind blasted freely. We walked across the open plain through a crazy snowstorm. The guide shouted, ‘This is going to be your life for the next few hours'.

After the hikes, we took a long road trip along the Norwegian Fjords. We drove along the Atlantic Highway, took many ferries, defied a snowstorm, ate Lutefisk and visited a Viking church from the year 600.

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Campaign shoot

Behind the scenes

When we are on the road for our campaigns, we go through a lot. The campaign photos always look amazing, but the reality is somewhat different.... Here are some snapshots we took during our trip. Simply click on them to get more info on what you’re looking at.

Our Norway trip