Shoe manufacturer van Bommel has been making luxury men’s and women’s shoes since 1734. ‘Van Bommel’ is the centuries-old classic shoe brand that has been produced by the Van Bommel family for 9 generations. In addition to this classic brand, the shoe factory van Bommel also carries the fashionable brand ‘Floris van Bommel’.

It's all in the details


Full-grain calf leather

This shoe is made of high quality full grain calf leather. The cognac colour is applied by hand during production. This gives the colour a warm and rich hue. Hand-colouring further adds beautiful nuances to the seams and decorative stitching.

Single monk

This is a model with a single clasp, applied over a derby closure. The clasp closure creates a narrower fitting range than a lace closure would. This shoe is available in a lace version as well (article no. 14299)

Leather sole

This shoe has a full leather sole. The leather of the sole is vegetable tanned. The heel combines leather and rubber using a dovetail joint. The side of the shoe sports a double hairline. This is a refined little decorative rim that runs along the sole edge as a 1.5 millimeter engraving.

Calf leather lining

This shoe is fully lined in high quality calf leather. One of the advantages of calf leather is that it absorbs relatively much moisture while wearing the shoe. This adds to both comfort and durability. The inner sole is made out of vegetable-tanned leather that is an optimal moist absorber as well. When the shoes are not worn, the moisture evaporates into the air or is absorbed by the shoe tree.

Blake method

This pair of shoes is made following the Blake method. Here, the sole is attached to the upper with a single stitch construction. Typical for the Blake method is a flexible sole and elegant appeal. The heel is attached to the inner sole with a couple of nails.

Sportive & timeless