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Shoe manufacturer van Bommel has been making luxury men’s and women’s shoes since 1734. ‘Van Bommel’ is the centuries-old classic shoe brand that has been produced by the Van Bommel family for 9 generations. In addition to this classic brand, the shoe factory van Bommel also carries the fashionable brand ‘Floris van Bommel’.


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This classic model is part of the brogue family. It is not a full brogue because the model has an oxford closure (also called derby closure). The oxford closure gives this shoe a more casual look, but it also increases the fitting range, providing a good fit even when you have a higher instep.

Robust base

For this shoe, we have combined a more robust base with a dressier last. These two somewhat contrasting elements provide a slightly casual look. It’s not a typical outdoor shoe, but it does give it an extra sturdy look. Perfect for casual outfits, but it also works in more formal settings.

Dainite pattern

The rubber sole features a classic Dainite pattern. This pattern was developed in the early 20th century by the English sole manufacturer Dainite. Throughout the decades, it has become a generic, yet very classic sole pattern that is used by many classic shoe brands worldwide.

The upper

The upper of the shoe is made of classic grain calfskin from one of the best tanneries in France. 99% of the leather we use in our collections comes from Italy. For this leather though, we went to France. There is no European tannery that produces this classic material better than this one. The appearance and appeal of this seemingly simple material is only achieved when even the smallest details are just right. Suppleness, shine, colour shade, the feel, oil, and firmness of the grain print – the finishing is nowhere as good as in this tannery in France.

First-class calfskin

From heel to toe, this shoe is lined with first-class calfskin. Calf leather has many advantages compared to pigskin or goat leather. For example, it absorbs moisture better and is therefore be less prone to skin irritations on hot days. Calf leather is also the most sturdy and durable option.