Floris & Flapper crowd design

At the end of January, Floris van Bommel organised a crowd design on his social media. Over five days, followers were asked what the ultimate Floris van Bommel sneaker should look like based on 8 design choices. As a way of putting the result of this experiment into perspective, Floris gave his dog Flapper the same choices. Floris promised that he would actually develop the most beautiful design into a shoe. Flapper won the race..

"This involves a bit of work though. Those kibbles don't come out of the blue, you know. "

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A spitting image of herself.

Flapper turned out to be a very stylish designer. Within a week, she designed a sneaker that is a spitting image of herself. Her choices resulted in a furry sneaker with floppy ears and a tiny tail that even has a happy pink poop hole hidden underneath. Floris assures that he did not help Flapper to make her design choices..

“I don't have to explain to Flapper how to design a nice shoe, do I?! I have better things to do.”

The Flapper sneaker

"Like dog, like owner, isn’t that what they say? In my case, that’s only true for these shoes." ;)

It's all in the details


Material mix

Flapper's sneaker is made of soft teddy fabric. The four shades used match Flapper's fur perfectly.


The outsole is finished with pink nubs that are very similar to Flapper's paw pads.


Flapper's ears, which she uses far too little, are also prominent on this model.

A special detail is on the heel area

If you lift the tiny cognac-coloured tail on the heel cap, you will find a cheerful pink rubber poop hole.

Flapper van Bommel

Rubber labels on the tongue and side which normally feature her owner's name, now say 'Flapper van Bommel'.

Dog's paw

Flapper has changed the letter ‘F’ that is typically positioned on the little black rubber at the top eyelet for a small white dog's paw.

Flapper sneaker to the auction

The Flapper sneaker is not for sale. One pair has been produced and auctioned off for charity. The proceeds of €2800 are intended for Animal Shelter Hart van Brabant.

"Flap, if you keep taking currants from your colleagues here at the office, you will also end up in the Hart Van Brabant animal shelter. With this auction, at least they will have something for you there."