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We all need a bit of inspiration every now and then. We asked @Alexandrarmina and @Jennifer_casimiro to show us how they interpret our shoes and on what occasion they would wear them.


@Alexandrarmina combines white
pumps with a rough braid pattern
under a breezy dress, giving her
summer outfit a stylish finishing touch.


@Jennifer_casimiro combines her
classic silver loafers with an oversized
salmon pink suit. If you ask us, this
look is totally 'trendy office'.


@Jennifer_casimiro colour blocks her
bright pink outfit and bag with our sleek
Howi sandals. The combination of
stylish and casual creates a beautiful
'stylish summer' look.


@Alexandrarmina beautifully matches the brown
and white tones of her summery
granny dress with those of the mule. The result is a light
and breezy 'casual chic' combo.


@Alexandrarmina wears an oversized
jacket over a summery white set.
The white Noppi sneakers add a sporty
touch to this 'casual weekend' look.


@Jennifer_casimiro turns her
light blue Noppi sneakers into proper
eye-catchers by accentuating
them with her purple outfit. The result:
a 'sporty chic' look.

How they wear it

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