Red-brown lace boot with snake print / € 219,90  incl. VAT

This lace boot is made of striking red-brown calf leather adorned with a snake print. The outsole is finished with a newly created drawing by Floris. Floris also redesigned the label at the top end of the shaft.

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10203/10 - Red-brown lace boot with snake print

Floris about this shoe:

 “Whenever my grandpa heard something that he thought strange, you’d hear this sound coming from under a cloud of Old Spice after shave: ‘PsssSssSsst’. Between his teeth, he’d make this hissing sound in disbelief. Basically, whenever he saw my report card he’d say ‘PsssSssSsst’. If he still worked at our production site, people would constantly think that a sprinkler just went on somewhere. Take these shoes, for instance… definitely ‘PsssSssSsst’-worthy. We’ve made metallic shoes before, but this level of beautiful is pretty rare. The silver metallic underlayer is finished with a coloured top layer that has been washed with alcohol to create a nice metallic antique effect. The circle print gives the shoes a nice casual look. Cool PsssSssSssShoes!”
  • Red-brown lace boot with snake print
  • Red-brown lace boot with snake print
  • Red-brown lace boot with snake print
10203/10 - Red-brown lace boot with snake print

Product information

  • Lace boot
  • Red brown calf's leather with snake print
  • Dark brown round laces made of waxed cotton
  • Leather sole with burgundy red rubber outsole finished with an octopus pattern and a burgundy red heel tip
  • The label at the back is based on the original Van Bommel logo that is now finished with typical, cobalt blue Floris accents
  • Has a regular fit 
  • Blue Floris van Bommel tag
  • Removable black leather footbed
  • Width H
  • Shoe last 749
  • Matching belt: 75189/36
  • Clean and care product: Carbon Wax – art. 40001/00