Blue printed patent leather lace shoe / € 249,95 € 199,96  incl. VAT

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A derby made of a special material: blue printed patent leather. The grey sole is finished with a newly designed Floris pattern.

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18293/00 - Blue printed patent leather lace shoe

Floris about this shoe:

“Our design department is very competitive, especially when it comes to word plays. We had shoe labels with the words “On the” and the Floris van Bommel logo underneath it. When you read it aloud it sounds like “On the floor is van Bommel”. We also had a pizza sole saying “The Flooris Pizza”, and a sole with a play on words around a selfish fish that we called “shoefish”. And now we have this squid on socks. Above all, this sole gives you an insight into how our designers are desperately looking for bad puns in between designing. (My favourite pun from my own repertoire came to me when I was sitting in my regular spot on the stands watching my favourite football team Willem II play. In front of us was a noisy group of friends that we’d never seen before. A boy named “Siegfried” stood out. After the half-time break, he came back with a bag of fries and I nudged my friend sitting next to me saying: “Seek-Fries?” True story!)”
  • Printed patent leather lace shoe
  • Printed patent leather lace shoe
  • Printed patent leather lace shoe
18293/00 - Blue printed patent leather lace shoe

Product information

  • Derby dress shoe
  • Blue printed patent leather
  • Finished with blue suede leather piping on the heel
  • Black lacing
  • Leather sole finished with a dark grey rubber outsole and a cobalt blue heel tip
  • Finished with a unique illustration designed by Floris: The "Squid stealing my shoes" sole
  • Calf leather footbed, not removable
  • Shoe last 109
  • Width G½
  • Blake style
  • Matching belt: 75212/03
  • Clean and care product: Lack Mousse