Cognac-coloured calf's leather lace shoe / € 249,90  incl. VAT

This cognac-coloured leather lace shoe art. 19062/00 is finished with decorative brogue perforations. The dark red rubber sole gives the shoe a casual look.

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19062/00 - Cognac-coloured calf's leather lace shoe

Floris about this shoe:

“Elegant shoes, right?! I’ve developed a new theory on elegance. If we are completely honest, elegance doesn’t have much to do with the way one dresses but with the way you carry oneself. I gave this some more thought the other day while I was fiddling around with Einstein’s theory of relativity and all of a sudden it hit me: E = MC2 stands for Elegance = Manners x Charisma2. There you go…. But back to the shoes! The manufacturing of material combinations as we have done for these shoes requires precision work. It is kind of like the anchovies on a pizza napolitana: Striking the right balance is soooo important. Of all the work that we are doing to launch a new collection within half a year, this is usually the last step we undertake. By then, we have delved so deeply into new leather types and colours that we can figure out the best combinations with our eyes closed. We’ve tried to keep the number of variations compact but in the end, we didn’t really succeed. Therefore: Choose wisely! In the meantime, I’ll ponder some more about elegance… and will get back to you on this!”
  • Cognac-coloured calf's leather lace shoe
  • Cognac-coloured calf's leather lace shoe
  • Cognac-coloured calf's leather lace shoe
19062/00 - Cognac-coloured calf's leather lace shoe

Product information

  • Elegant lace shoe
  • Cognac-coloured calf's leather
  • The lace flap is finished with a lizard print made of leather
  • The heel cap is made of dark blue leather finished with a snake print
  • Around the lace flap and heel the shoe is finished with brogue perforations
  • Brown, round laces made of waxed cotton
  • Dark red rubber sole finished with a patterned shoe print
  • The brown lining and footbed are made of leather
  • Width G½
  • Shoe last 109
  • Matching belt: 75160/00
  • Matching cleaning and care products: Carbon Pro