Mid-high black leather lace boot / € 199,90 € 139,93  incl. VAT

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Black, mid-high calf's leather lace boot finished with blue colour accents. The leather footbed is removable.

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10334/30 - Mid-high black leather lace boot

Floris about this shoe:

Some stories start to lead their own life. I found that out with this shoe. Underneath the sole of this shoe there is a drawing of a folded bird. I made this years ago, but I have not been involved with it since. A while back I was in our shop in Antwerp. I always have a chat to see how things are and what is selling well. They all agreed that there was one shoe that was doing really well: ‘The flamingo’.  I did not understand one bit. But finally I found out that it was all about the bird underneath this shoe. Maybe slightly influenced by the famous ZOO of Antwerp around the corner of the shoe but the whole line was renamed ‘The flamingo’. So if you consider this shoe, it is now called: ‘The Flamingo’!

  • Mid-high black leather lace boot
  • Mid-high black leather lace boot
  • Mid-high black leather lace boot
10334/30 - Mid-high black leather lace boot

Product information


  • Elegant, mid-high lace boot
  • Black calf's leather
  • The brown leather heel cap is finished with a croco print
  • Electric blue laces made of waxed cotton
  • Dark blue rubber sole
  • The heel is made of several layers of leather
  • Leather lining and a removable inner sole made of leather
  • Width H
  • Shoe last 759
  • Matching belt: 75004/03
  • Matching cleaning and care products: Carbon Pro