Black printed nubuck leather sneaker / € 199,95 € 139,96  incl. VAT

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A sneaker made of black printed nubuck leather. The black rubber sole is finished with an F-shaped pattern.

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16255/07 - Black printed nubuck leather sneaker

Floris about this shoe:

“In my teenage years, I worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant to make some extra pocket money. During less busy times, we would also take on other chores in and around the restaurant. Once we had to wash the boss’s car. I cleaned the inside, while my dishwasher colleague (and best friend) took care of the outside. When I was done with my part, I helped him rub the car dry with tea towels. While the car was drying off, we could see more and more scratches and matt spots appearing. It turned out that my not-so-smart friend had used the green scouring pad of the sponge to clean the car. Once it was completely dry, there wasn’t much left of the high-gloss coating. This shoe is made of nubuck leather. It’s more or less made in the same way as the matte car paint that my friend produced on that summer day back in the early 90s. Nubuck leather is normal, beautiful and shiny leather which is lightly buffed for a matt, velour-like look. By the way, our boss was very, very angry…”
  • Sportive leather sneaker
  • Sportive leather sneaker
  • Sportive leather sneaker
16255/07 - Black printed nubuck leather sneaker

Product information

  • Sneaker
  • Black printed nubuck leather
  • Dark blue rubber zig-zag on the heel
  • Finished with a branding on the side of the sole
  • Black lacing
  • Black rubber cup sole finished with a white zig-zag pattern
  • Finished with a unique sneaker sole designed by Floris: The "F-patterned" sole
  • Cobalt blue leather footbed, removable
  • Shoe last 737
  • Width G½
  • Ago style
  • Clean and care product: Carbon Pro Spray