Dark cognac-coloured calf leather lace shoe / € 229,95  incl. VAT

This sneaker is made of dark cognac-coloured calf leather. The hand-polished shine of the leather gives this shoe a particularly luxurious look.

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13466/16 - Dark cognac-coloured calf leather lace shoe

Floris about this shoe:

“I believe that the profile of a sole is always important. When you see a shoe with a well thought out sole profile, you can assume that this shoe has been designed with great attention to detail. Just like a man with well-kept shoes gives off an air of having his affairs in order. For this sneaker, we did quite a bit of puzzling to make the letter F from our logo fit in such a way that it creates an all-over pattern. Once we had this figured out, we chamfered the F’s to create a wavy 3D effect. Of course, the purpose of a sole profile is to walk on it, I get that, but… imagine you buy these shoes – wouldn’t you also try not to drag your feet over the floor too much? :)”
  • Leather sneaker
  • Leather sneaker
  • Leather sneaker
13466/16 - Dark cognac-coloured calf leather lace shoe

Product information

  • Sporty lace shoe
  • Dark cognac-coloured calf leather
  • Cobalt blue suede leather piping
  • Subtle leather F-tag on the side
  • Lacing with beige laces
  • White rubber cup sole with a blue edge
  • Finished with a unique sneaker sole designed by Floris: The "F-patterned" sole
  • Black leather footbed, removable
  • Shoe last 688
  • Width G½
  • Ago style
  • Matching belt: 75144/07
  • Clean and care product: Carbon Wax Spray