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This olive green sneaker made of washed suede leather is finished with a rubber relief on the heel. The white rubber sole has a black tread. The leather footbed is removable.

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16223/03 - Olive green suede leather sneaker

Floris about this shoe:

“For tanners, working with suede leather is less variable than processing smooth leather. Nonetheless, there are still countless of variations: waxed, greased, crumpled, long and short haired, hunting, dabbed, washed and all kinds of combinations thereof. Hundreds of tanners are offering suede leather. It’s truly an art to find the best suede leather in terms of quality and aesthetics. This suede leather is my absolute favourite when it comes to basic variations. After the tanning process, it is slightly waxed and after that, slightly washed. This creates a somewhat more adventurous and rugged suede leather look compared to classic, standard suede leathers. Strolling over material trade fairs for days until you come across this slightly washed suede leather and fall in love at first sight… That’s my life.”
  • Olive green suede leather sneaker
  • Olive green suede leather sneaker
  • Olive green suede leather sneaker
16223/03 - Olive green suede leather sneaker

Product information

  • Sportive lace shoe
  • Olive green washed suede leather
  • Rubber relief on the heel
  • Grey, wide laces made of cotton
  • White poro rubber sole with a black tread and cobalt blue smileys
  • White leather lining with a black zig-zag pattern
  • Removable black leather footbed
  • Matching belt: 75184/12
  • Matching cleaning and care products: Carbon Pro