Premium Collection

Floris: “Playing ‘The floor is lava’ during PE! That was one of my ultimate pleasures as a kid. For our design department, the Premium Collection is now what ‘The floor is lava’ used to be for us as kids. For our designers, it is a sort of safe haven where anything goes and everything is allowed. The great thing about not setting any limits is that we ultimately take the entire collection to the next level. For aficionados of truly striking shoes, it yields the beautiful Premium Collection while at the same time being the perfect breeding ground for a ‘normal’ cutting edge collection.”


Floris: “The leather we use for our Premium Collection always makes me wonder whether I should degrade pizza to only my second favourite Italian product. For our Premium line, not only shoemaking is a matter of true craftsmanship, but the processing and finishing of the leather is often handwork as well.”


Floris: “Our Premium shoes are the most detailed and elaborately finished in our collection. Here on our website, on the detailed product page for every shoe, I will tell you the story about what makes each shoe so special.”


Floris: “By nature, designers try to push the boundaries. This may clash with other professionals who work on the products afterwards because they prefer to play it safe. But for the Premium Collection, it’s our designers who call the shots. Carte blanche for the designers!”


The shoes from our Premium Collection are available in all Floris van Bommel brand stores, on the Floris van Bommel website, at authorized dealers and selected retailers.

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