Dark brown suede leather moccasin / € 159,90  incl. VAT

A moccasin made of dark brown calf suede leather. The model is made in the moccasin style and finished with leather lining, giving the shoe extra flexibility and high wearing comfort.

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15100/00 - Dark brown suede leather moccasin

Floris about this shoe:

Classic Van Bommel
“For the past seasons, we've been busy remanufacturing our Van Bommel collection. We wanted to recreate what an authentic, classic collection is supposed to look like. Without frills and frippery - simply the ultimate, classic Van Bommel collection. I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed working on this. Manufacturing colourful Floris van Bommel sneakers is definitely great, but fine-tuning true, classic styles, materials and lasts - that's shoemaking as we've been doing it here for centuries. When I started working in our family business twenty years ago, I thought the Van Bommel collection was dull and boring and so we all worked very hard on establishing the 'Floris van Bommel' brand. We went for 'younger, faster, wilder' to make sure that our family company would remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. And we definitely succeeded in doing so. Now we're focusing our efforts on restoring former glory: Classic shoes, carefully manufactured in the Netherlands.”
  • Dark brown suede leather moccasin
  • Dark brown suede leather moccasin
  • Dark brown suede leather moccasin
15100/00 - Dark brown suede leather moccasin

Product information

  • Casual moccasin
  • Article number: 15100/00
  • Dark brown suede leather
  • Made in the moccasin style for extra comfort and flexibility
  • Outsole made of thick black rubber stripes under the forefoot and heel
  • Leather lining and insole 
  • Shoe last 735
  • Width G½
  • Ago style
  • Matching belt: 75076/20
  • Clean and care product: Carbon Pro Spray