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Shoe manufacturer van Bommel has been making luxury men’s and women’s shoes since 1734. Creative director Floris van Bommel is the 9th generation shoemaker in the Van Bommel family. In addition to the fashionable Floris van Bommel collection, the shoe company also carries the centuries-old, classic men's brand Van Bommel.


A bit of inspiration

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A bit of inspiration

Get inspired

A single pair of shoes can be combined with many different looks. We asked two influencers for an interpretation of our shoes.

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It's all in the details


Custom graphics, rubber sole

Floris eats breath mints during his mental health breaks. Sometimes a pun pops up that leads to a new little design for under the sole. The underside of this shoe’s sole sports an etching of a baby octopus on socks that yells at a larger octopus “Squid stealing my shoes!”.

Hand-coloured Tuscan leather

This leather was completely brought to colour by hand in the Tuscan tannery. White leather hides with the lizard print already pressed into it are laid out on a table one by one. A piece of cloth is used to carefully apply blue colouring to the tops of the lizard print. Applying the correct technique, the lower parts of the print will stay white.

Belly print and back print

Working towards the final colour, the print receives a geometric print. This print is especially visible on the sides of the shoe. This comes from the fact that this is the area where the belly scales of the lizard print are. These stay a little whiter during the colouring process than the belly scales on the front.

Calf leather lining

This shoe is fully lined in high quality calf leather. One of the advantages of calf leather is that it absorbs relatively much moisture while wearing the shoe. This adds to both comfort and durability. The inner sole is made of vegetable-tanned leather that is an optimal moist absorber as well. When the shoes are not worn, the moisture evaporates into the air or is absorbed by the shoe tree.

Rounded carré last

The toe area of this shoe last is made on a rounded carré shape. To guarantee a good fit, we’ve added a bit of ‘oversize’ to the last. This means that the toes do not completely reach to the front of the shoe. Thanks to this ‘oversize’, the shoes look elegant and sleek while maintaining a comfortable fit.