Fall/ Winter 2021

Katja x Floris

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Shoe manufacturer van Bommel has been making luxury men’s and women’s shoes since 1734. Creative director Floris van Bommel is the 9th generation shoemaker in the Van Bommel family. In addition to the fashionable Floris van Bommel collection, the shoe company also carries the centuries-old, classic men's brand Van Bommel.

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It's all in the details


Patent leather

The patent leather on this shoe stems from a small tannery in Tuscany that specialises in the most refined, creative and complex leather processing. This patent leather has a subtle two-tone effect. Depending on from which side you look at the leather, it will take on a slightly more bronze or green hue.

Premium collection

This shoe is part of our 'Premium' collection. The premium collection is Floris' very own laboratory and playground. This is where he and his design team can use styles and materials that would be too special, laborious, expensive or experimental to be part of the regular collection. Shoes from the Premium collection are made in limited editions and are only available at a limited number of dealers.

Rounded carré last

The shoe is made on a rounded carré last. This means that the toe cap tends to be square, but that all the corners are rounded off. The result is a semi-classic look that works well with both dressier outfits and more casual looks.

First-class calfskin

From heel to toe, this shoe is lined with first-class calfskin. Calf leather has many advantages compared to pigskin or goat leather. For example, it absorbs moisture better and is therefore be less prone to cause skin irritations on hot days. Calf leather is also the most sturdy and durable option.

Blue rubber sole

The shoe has a blue rubber sole with Floris' 'no inspiration' design as a pattern. Floris made this pattern on a day that he felt totally uninspired. That’s why he drew a lot of shoes and pretty much everything he could see from behind his desk: The flagpole in front of the shoe factory, his adhesive tape roll, the neighbour’s cat, his brother who walked in to ask him about something, the smoking area out on the car park in front of his window and the 2 metre high polyester fork with a potato on it that is in his office (why that thing is there is another story... it could actually be one for the next sole pattern!).