Cognac-coloured leather lace shoe / € 249,90  incl. VAT

Elegant, cognac-coloured leather lace shoe (article number 18006/00). The toe cap has been finished with some flowing laser lines.

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  • Leather lace shoe with a rubber sole
  • Leather lace shoe with a rubber sole
  • Leather lace shoe with a rubber sole
18006/00 - Cognac-coloured leather lace shoe

Product information

This shoe is made of cognac-coloured Italian calf’s leather. The shoe has a stitched toe cap that has been finished with some laser printed flowing lines. The heel cap has a striped piping. The round laces are made of cobalt blue cotton. The leather outsole has a blue rubber tread that has an all-over print in the form of small shoes. The tread of the heel is partly leather and partly slip-resistant rubber. The part of the outsole right after the heel which does not come into direct contact with the ground, has been furnished with a piece of naturally tanned sole leather. Lining and footbed are both made of brown calf’s leather. This elegant dress shoe also works perfectly with more casual outfits.   
Matching Accessories
Cognac-coloured leather belt with a width of 3.5cm (article number 75144/07).
There is a matching belt available for this shoe. The belt is in the same colour and made from the same material as the shoes. Details such as grain, texture and finishing methods are identical to those of the shoe. The belt can be manually adjusted to the desired size.